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I'm an actor, comedian, and writer currently residing in Seattle, Washington. I graduated with my MFA in 2022 from the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, and received my BFA in 2016 from the University of Oklahoma. During my time between I've been performing professionally throughout Austin, Dallas, and OKC. ​

I am currently represented by TCM Models & Talent for the Pacific Northwest region, and have been working in film and television for multiple years. Other industry skills include standup comedy, comedy writing, playwriting, directing, dramaturgy, audition coaching, and teaching. In my free time, you can catch me concocting new craft cocktail recipes, searching for local vegan restaurants, and blasting music way too loud through my headphones. 

​Want to know more? Just ask! Drop me a line on my Contact page.

Much love and good vibes,


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